Dehydration can cause a decrease in your blood volume, which results in a reduction of blood flow to your skin, and muscles. These factors can lead to decreased concentration, skill, or physical performance. 

It is important to be hydrated before you start your race or training session, due to the adverse effects of dehydration. To boost energy you should buy the best hydration sports drinks & powders for runners in Australia from various e-commerce websites.

To minimize potential side effects from fluid loss, athletes should be hydrated before they begin training and competing. 

Fluid intake recommendations for athletes should be tailored to their individual needs, as fluid loss during exercise is highly personal. Athletes will need to determine their body's sweat rate in the conditions they are competing or training. 

This assessment is based upon the assumption that fluid loss is related to body mass. This means that the change in body mass between exercise and rest can be used to estimate total body sweat loss.

All athletes should consider the importance of replacing fluids after exercise. To avoid dehydration, athletes should replace fluids immediately after completing another bout. The volume and the fluid consumed are two of the key factors that determine the effectiveness of the post-exercise watering strategy.

While the amount of fluid consumed is vital in replacing lost fluids after exercise, the makeup of these fluids can have a significant impact on how much is retained within the body.

A rehydration drink with sodium can help by increasing the desire to drink while also ensuring that the fluid is retained in the body. Increasing salt levels in the diet (especially pre-exercise) is critical for these athletes to sustain performance when training.