It was much simpler a few years back. There were fewer choices available to those looking for a glass window that could be used in a residential setting. Most homeowners could select between thin and tough' glass. In the best-case scenario, they could have the painted or tinted. You can also get a window replacement via

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Today, glass counterpanes tiles, furniture, and walls with varying transparency and durability are replacing traditional building materials. The type of glass you choose for the windows of your home will be different from that used for commercial doors. 

The kind of glass you pick as your window's glass will impact the quality of the room and energy consumption and insulation as well as the noise level and safety of your house.

A patterned one is covered with a pattern or design. It is usually translucent and could be plain or color. It is ideal in situations in which natural light, as well as privacy, are essential. The patterns on it prevent any person from seeing through the glass, however, enough light can escape from the window to illuminate the space.

Tinted glass can be coated with a material that blocks the light transmission which ensures that your home does not get too hot in the summer months. It also gives you privacy. You can see through the glass however, people on the opposite side of the glass are not able to see you.

Tinted glass is often used in automobiles. It is also possible to avail tinting for your glass at home and have your current one tinted.