From pedestrian operated trucks to those offering a fully enclosed all-weather cab, there is a machine suitable for all the many different types of industries that rely on the use of forklift trucks to facilitate their business needs in the modern-day.

So how should one go about hiring a forklift truck, what considerations must be taken into account? For more detailed information about hiring a forklift, Visit

Here are some of the key points to consider: Ensure you choose a machine suitable for your application – a reputable and knowledgeable lift truck provider should be able to advise you on this but you should provide details such as:


  • Load to be lifted
  • How high you need to lift the load
  • Fuel type e.g. diesel, gas, electric. It depends depend on the environment you are using the vehicle in.

Statistics Show Forklift Truck Accidents Increasing

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Maintenance and Breakdown cover– ensure that your contract includes full maintenance and servicing of your machine, as well as breakdown cover, like loss of use of your forklift truck, could be significantly costly to your business. Look out for those companies that provide a replacement machine after 24hr downtime to ensure peace of mind.

Additionally, you should ensure that your forklift truck provider is;


  • Complies with  requirements
  • Able to provide you with the service you expect in terms of personnel and support
  • Has an acceptable location

These are just some of the important considerations when getting a forklift hire. Keep them in mind while hiring a forklift truck.