Agriculture is the main source of food we consume daily. In this lesson, we will explore the difference between industrial and subsistence agriculture. We will also examine various types of subsistence farming that are practiced.

Although both of these farms are designed to produce food, they differ in the methods of production, the amount of food produced by them, and the amount of food that is produced. For more information about agriculture, you can visit


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Agriculture is the term used to describe the act of growing crops and raising livestock for human consumption and use. Since the progress of agriculture, many various kinds of stock have been achieved. 

Types of agriculture 

Agriculture is divided into two distinct types, which include industrial agriculture and subsistence agriculture.

Industrialized Agriculture

The use of Industrialized agriculture farming practices in large amounts can produce food. Instead of using animals and manpower to work the fields, Industrialized agriculture uses larger machines, which are more powerful and can work faster and harder.

Subsistence Agriculture

Subsistence agriculture occurs when a farmer lives on a small amount of land and provides sufficient food to feed his family and has a small cash crop. The purpose of subsistence agriculture is to provide sufficient food to assure the survival of a particular family. If additional food is produced, it is sold locally to other families or people.