The exterior of your home has become as important as the interior, with the popularity of outdoor rooms, and inviting backyard landscapes. The layering of stone, bricks, plantings, and outdoor sculpture creates the opportunity to design a more personal space. 

Lighting these details well is essential to the space, just as it would be on the inside of your home. Illuminating landscapes should be thought about in layers as well: security, ambiance, and accent. One of the biggest mistakes is to over-light an area. Many agencies such as  that provide landscape lighting installation services according to your needs.

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A lovely backyard landscape benefits when light is softly washed, highlighting the plan while eliminating glare. The idea is to use several sources of landscaping lights that work together, rather than one bright spotlight.

Landscape designers will insist that the background be lit the brightest in order to show off the proportions of the design. The foreground will not be as bright, allowing the eye to take in the entire area. Areas of the landscape in which activities are performed may be highlighted more.

Elements that require lighting:

o Pathways and Step Lighting

You don't want your path to look like an airport runway. Staggered path lights are the way to go. Also, be careful to not create shadows that affect a person's depth perception. For step lighting, there are recessed step lights available that cast the light out from the riser to the step in front of them.

o Surfaces surrounding pools and hot tubs

This should be lit enough to prevent falls and slips around the perimeter. Spots hung in trees, or off the surrounding structures work well.