A comic that focuses on horror comics, graphic novels, manga, and comic strips is called a horror comic book. It aims to inflict terror and fear on its readers. Scary comics may be supernatural or not. It is designed to trigger a reaction, whether it be psychological, emotional or physical.

Top horror comics use a variety of techniques to elicit this response. They include unreal figures like ghosts and aliens, as well as real figures such as serial killers or lunatics. The main ingredient of a horror comic is to include something unexpected in the story. This can increase the reader's fear and anxiety about the unknown.

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After the Second World War, horror comics were very popular. However, they crashed in the middle 1950s. Recent years have seen scary comic books make a remarkable comeback and influence movies, television series, and other media. Publication of spooky comics books in the 1950s was viewed as a violation of good taste.

Others became concerned about the dangers that these books could pose to their health. The earliest horror comics (1947-1954) featured gruesome illustrations and scripts. They mainly contained tales of the supernatural and non-supernatural, perversions, torture, cannibalism and dementia, as well as stories of suicide, cannibalism and other outre horrifying elements.

Comic books, graphic novels and black-and-white magazines that feature horror stories are called horror comics. Comic book value depends on various factors. The same applies to horror comic books. Their value is determined by the condition and age of the comics as well as their popularity and rarity.

Collectors of horror comics will be interested in rare and classic books, such as the Adventures into the Weird World and Baffling Mysteries. They also have higher value and a higher price.