There is a wide variety of sizes, materials, styles – and heights – when it comes to deciding which socks to wear. A lot of the selection will depend upon the occasion, outfit, and level of politeness required.

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Nevertheless, impressive your sock group is, you will require a good piece of ankle socks, as these are one of the most universal styles and heights you could perhaps hope for.

Ankle socks are fast enough to keep out of the form and add the right amount of ease when walking or running around, but they are long enough to bring a pop of shade to your apparel and give the planet a hint of your sartorial preference when they look down towards your feet.

Just as the name implies, ankle socks sit just past your ankle, reaching a rare inch above the top of your shoe.

They can be modeled with all kinds of boots or shoes, from sandals and sliders, where they can be displayed off to their full recognition, to ankle boots to add a coating of softness next to your skin and assist you to prevent blisters and pain while walking around. This is most welcome in the summer months when the temperatures begin to rise.