1. Know the vision of the company's management and communicate that vision effectively to the design, development testing, marketing, and design teams (in their respective language).

2. Expert safe product owner perform market research on technology and an examination of the firm's business model to verify the idea of the product, define the feature set, as well the development plan.

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3. Control the development of the product throughout its different phases – working with several teams to ensure that the product meets client specifications, deadlines, and quality and security standards.

4. Create a culture of seamless cooperation between different teams to achieve the goals of Bradford states, the goal of launching a great product.

The character of the business and how an organization defines its mission it is possible that the position will lean toward Marketing or Technology. However, if it's a matter of debate it is a requirement for a manager to understand and understand the language of each of Marketing, as well as Technology, is a fact.

From a perspective of skills regardless of whether you have an engineering or a management background, in order to be an effective manager in the current business environment, you need to possess: (a) a strong understanding of programming, with the ability to write code, (b) expertise in UX design along with 

(c) the ability to think analytically and problem-solving skills, in addition to the other management skills such as negotiation, communication documentation, time management and delegating, stakeholder management, and leadership.