The desire to harness solar power is growing rapidly due to rising electricity prices, increasing pollution, and decreasing supplies of fossil fuels. 

However, few people understand the concept of complete solar power systems. That’s the reason people mostly hire companies to install solar panels so that professionals can do their best work. You can also browse this site to install solar panels in Riverside CA. 

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If you decide to switch to solar power, this article will help you understand what you are getting into.

Solar Panels

A solar panel consists of three main parts: a housing unit and solar cells. Most housing units are made with aluminum frames and a solid backing. 

This can be made from different materials. A glass or Plexiglas front cover is also used. As moisture and warping can cause damage, the housing unit should be sturdy, ridged, and waterproof. 

Many solar cells are mounted on the backing. Solar panels typically have 36 cells. However, this can vary depending on the output desired and the voltage of the cells. These solar cells are usually made from silicon. 

The sun hits the silicon, and electrons are released. This creates an electric current. The wiring system then sends this current through the panel and eventually out of it. Tabbing wire is the wiring system for the solar panel.

You will need more than the solar panels that produce electricity to power your home. To store your energy, you'll need a charger controller to control your power and an inverter that converts your power into something you can use. Without any of these components, your system will not work.