Anyone involved in the forestry business or logging knows one or two things about the skidder tire chain. Skidders, the heavy four-wheel tractors are used to transport logs – especially in rough terrain, is a very useful tool to get logs from one location to another. 

Because the landscape around the loggers tends to be harder than most drivers used, special skidder tires provide additional traction. Of course, when skidder tires are not enough, the skidder tire chain can provide extra traction needed to pass any work. 

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Skidder tire chains are available in several different varieties. With Skidders Grapple, most of the loggers prefer to use a heavier skidder tire chain because of horsepower. 

For forwarders, who do not have many permits, the same results can be achieved with a lighter tire chain. As with other tire chains, the golden rule to get the best performance is keeping them tight. If the skidder tire chain is too loose, they are worn. 

Of course, some loggers experience other extremes – they put the tire chain so tight so the tire runs out right in the middle. The best advice is to follow the factory instructions for installation.