So you get an assignment for a special occasion at your work and you have to take care of food and drink. You need a catering plan! What should you consider when deciding on a catering plan? Watch your budget. Part of your budget is spent on eating and drinking. You can hire top corporate catering in Brisbane via

Snack catering is quite extensive these days with office parties and most corporate catering services are ready to respond to your ideas and suggestions. If you have a particular topic that your coworkers are interested in and encourage their partners to join, keep in mind that you need to create a fun and memorable office party where your boss and co-workers can socialize and learn more about the Company.

Since most parties are held for recreation and entertainment, ask if your co-workers are ready to throw a themed party like a bowling show or crazy champagne where everyone expected to wear a crazy hat. So your partygoers can be creative and have fun. If you can get extravagant, throw a carnival party and prepare food in mini-carts like a real carnival.

You want your guests to chat and chat and you can always check with finger food companies for the hottest food and serving trends that might suit your office party. To give your co-workers a whole new dining experience, ask them if they want a variety of cold foods on their fingers and try to incorporate your best into your catering service.

Send some funny invitations or funny emails through your company servers to make it official. Schedule a variety of games and fun, including some special gifts like a company magazine, bookmark, or something memorable. This gives you some brownie points for a good job of party planning.