One of the best things any homeowner can do to begin greening their home is to plan to install a tankless heater. This way they can cut their energy consumption in half because the tankless heater is no longer constantly burning energy to keep the unused water at a constant temperature. 

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The benefits of this type of heater far outweigh the savings in energy or money.

Why standard water heaters are no longer profitable?

The standard hot water boiler installation in most homes, regardless of when it was built or installed, is a prime example of wasting energy. Even when there is no activity in the house, no water is consumed, this heater works actively and keeps the water stored in its tank at a constant temperature. 

So far, everyone knows that every device that is turned on consumes electricity, even if it doesn't work. Traditional heaters use energy in the same way and can cost homeowners more money than they are currently worth.

A tankless boiler only heats the water on demand, literally a second before the hot water flows out of the faucet. Water is heated as it passes through the device, rather than before, more efficiently than its predecessor. 

The temperature at which the water is delivered can be adjusted during installation and will remain at that temperature until it is adjusted later. It is simple, efficient, and will reduce the energy consumption of every home in which they are installed.