It is recommended that you wear something comfortable that covers your entire body, from your feet to your head, once you have visited their clinic. Don't bring too many accessories, as the chiropractor may only request that you take off your clothes and change into a gown.

You can first schedule an appointment that will be needed to know about your strength, sensation, and reflexes. Poor posture will be addressed. The chiropractor will give you advice on how to stand and sit properly so that you don't injure your spine. 

The chiropractor will ask you to walk, bend, lift, and turn around so that he or she can assess your ability to do these things correctly. A spine X-ray may be required in other situations. The X-ray technician may conduct a hands-on assessment of how well your spine moves when you do a task. Any areas that are not performing properly will be noted.

To give chiropractors a better understanding of your overall health, it is helpful to bring along a copy of any X-rays you have taken. 

After the analysis is complete, the doctor will provide a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment plan. When the patient consents to the proposed treatment, the treatment will normally begin as soon as possible.

It is best to consent to any treatment if you are the patient. This will ensure your well-being.