Ginger – a unique seasoning, which since ancient times, is highly valued as a culinary additive and as a therapeutic and preventive medical facility.

The famous ancient physician Charak said of ginger, that what it is – good. No less touted ginger and Confucius. You can get your food delivered to your place through irashai sushi restaurant whenever required.

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sale ginger in different forms. Fresh ginger can usually buy whole roots. Peel it may be, like brown and white, and the inside is pale yellow. For the taste and aroma of the highest valued Jamaican ginger. Dishes with fresh ginger are extremely bright flavor.

Dried ginger roots are found intact and crushed in their skins and peeled. And some of them are preparing powdered ginger. Preserve ginger in syrup (sweet) or vinegar brine (salty). You can buy sushi through irashaifairbanks whenever you are feeling hungry.

Pickled ginger is eaten with sushi to refresh the taste between doses of different types of sushi. In salads is bland young ginger. In cooking, ginger found a lot of applications from tabasco for marinades, sauces, soups, meat, to gourmet spices used in confectionery. In China, from the roots of ginger even jam!

Wasabi – is essentially just a Japanese horseradish. In finished form, in which we used to see him, wasabi in consistency and color like green toothpaste.

Wasabi is also very valuable in terms of medicine. It is effective in the fight against cancer, as well as tooth decay. But this drug should be used in moderation – just one pea because it is very sharp.

cultivated hon-wasabi pen mountain rivers, ancient technology, but very time-consuming, for which the price of the wasabi significantly high. In our market wasabi is sold in the form of powder, pastes, and tablets.

But this is not real wasabi. It is prepared from wasabi-daikon, which is a completely different plant. Something hon-wasabi and wasabi-like daikon, but the latter has a less bright taste and is not as sharp.

To make it into a paste visual wasabi-daikon add the mustard. Still, if you're in Japan, you have a chance to taste the wasabi in some expensive restaurant.