Books played an important role in the history of humanity. Books were our source for education, religion, and entertainment. 

Telegram offers free online books

Telegram, a wonderful app, allows us to share files and link with people all over the globe. You will see that there are many groups and channels that share new and old excellent telegram audiobooks in different genres and languages every day.

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Telegram offers free audiobooks

Audiobooks can be a great way to read a book, but not actually reading it. Most audio files are MP3 and WAV files that are posted to Telegram channels. 

You can subscribe to these channels, choose an audiobook that interests you, and then press the play button. You can also download the file to listen offline. Sometimes, an admin of the channel, or other users, might provide a link to a third-party website where you can listen to your favorite audiobook.

Before bed, we read stories to our children and then continued to read books until it became too dark. Technology has made everything possible. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the luxury of reading a book. We have jobs, children, and fast internet access.

Does this mean we are done with books? It's not. Books will still be sold and people will continue to read them. There are many great alternatives to paper books, which we recommend that you explore.