What is it that experienced travelers choose to say about Melbourne when asked about their top city? It's because it's a city where romance, love coffee, culture, and more! It is regarded as the best all-rounder in Australia. 

If you're a keen traveler, then you'll want to discover the most popular attractions you would like to explore once you book flights in Melbourne Australia. However, before making a booking it is best to go through this article. You can also search online to plan the best private tours from Melbourne.

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In this article, you'll discover the top Melbourne places that tourists should not miss out on. Melbourne is a vibrant city that you will not regret. 

1. Even if you're not Catholic go to St. Paul's Cathedral

Many tourists visit regardless of whether they are Catholic since they love the architecture of the Gothic Revival! If you go here, you will feel fantastic, so it is well worth searching for last-minute travel to Melbourne. 

2. The ultimate spot for animal lovers, Werribee Open Range Zoo

This location has attracted more interest than other attractions located in the city. It is a place where you can see the most unique animals that you can't get anywhere else. You will be able to appreciate the natural perspectives because the zoo is doing its best to give visitors the best possible experience.

3. If you love the idea of a different world, then you must visit The Dandenong Ranges

This is a place you should add to your itinerary not to miss! This is the itinerary of Victoria. There are beautiful tracks tiny towns, beautiful shops, and a myriad of other things. It is the perfect place to go If you're looking for natural beauty.