Fitness trackers, or activity trackers, are electronic devices or software for recording and tracking exercise-related metrics like distance run or walked, average calorie consumption, heart rate, and even GPS location. It's essentially a sort of personal wearable computer that you can wear around your body. The good thing about this type of device is that you can record, store, organize, and keep track of all kinds of information, including weight loss records, fitness training records, mileage covered, exercise routines, and even your daily commute time.

These trackers come in various forms; they can be wrist-based wristbands, body monitors (which can be worn under your clothes to track your workout), and activity monitors (also known as activity monitors or sports monitors). They can be easily purchased in stores and can be programmed with a computer using a special software program. Some models come with built-in GPS systems so that you can track your current location and your location at the same time. This feature is very useful if you are constantly moving from one place to another to complete your activities.

Activity trackers also come in several colors. There is the traditional black and white with a simple LCD screen to view your data, and there are brightly colored units with colorful screens to show you your statistics. Most of these units use the same kind of LCD screen to display your statistics. However, you may have to switch out the color schemes and displays according to your particular preferences. Some models allow you to change the background colors.

If you're just starting to lose weight, then you probably want to choose a basic model for just basic information. These models are usually made of plastic or vinyl and feature a small, easy to read LCD screen. They can be used for home use or to track your exercise or other health-related information. However, it's advisable to use these for the more advanced user and the more advanced features of these models. You may want to get a more advanced model to be able to store and organize more information and make use of features like calorie burn rate and exercise intervals.

Health and fitness trackers with heart rate monitors are especially popular today. While the heart rate monitors used to be limited in their functions, today's models are able to give you more detailed information on your heart rate and other heart rate related statistics. Some of the more sophisticated models will even give you an idea of how long and how many calories you've burned during an exercise session. This helps you plan your next workout in advance.

Although you can track your calorie intake and expenditure with most activity trackers, it's always better to know your body size and weight when you buy one. If you are not sure what the exact figures are, you can measure your height and weight. This way, you'll be able to make the right purchase.