Did eating healthy be one of your resolution for the New Year? If yes, you should consider adding avocados to your diet. The calories are around 227 contained in the avocado (medium size/136 grams) This is slightly more than other fruits however in this instance, it's simply an amount. 

The advantage of avocados having a little higher in calories than other fruits is that the body digests them slowly, meaning you feel fuller longer. If you do not pay attention to the number of calories found in an avocado you'll find how the health benefits outweigh the extra calories. You can also try the Avo Orchard site to Buy avocados online.

Avocados are frequently misinterpreted as vegetables, but actually, they are an actual fruit. There are a variety of avocados. The most popular types comprise West Indian, Guatemalan, and Mexican.

West Indian – These huge (up to 5 weight) fruit are light-green, with smooth skins large seeds, and less fat-laden than other avocados.

Guatemalan The huge (up to 5 pounds) fruit is dark with a rough, thick skin that is laced with tiny seeds. It also has a moderate fat content.

Mexican fruit in question is small, weighing just one pound or less, and dark green with soft skin, and big seeds. an abundance of fat.

Avocados have numerous health benefits. It is a heart-healthy monounsaturated fat Vitamin A and B complex vitamins E and B potassium, and protein. Research suggests that avocados can be effective in fighting oral cancerous cells.