As you know, 75% of heart attack occur when the victim is at home or at work, especially in places where people spend the most time every day.

If anything occur, the first thing you will do is call 911, but what if you don't have enough time for redemption to arrive, or if you are not near a rescue center?

This is why most companies, schools, fitness centers, etc. need CPR certified employees, or let their CPR certified employees try to create a safer environment for people everywhere and for you. You can get best cpr training in Kent at

It is common to believe that working with colleagues who are trained in life-saving techniques will be safer because there are people who can do it. If you do first aid, you can save your life and almost all accidents on the road, in the office or save somewhere in the field.

Training people for CPR is an effort for the good of humanity and good actions from employers that make their work safer. This can be the difference between the life and death of someone you love, or maybe someone you don't know.

Today many institutions offer practical and even online CPR training, whatever suits your daily routine. You can search for CPR training institutions online for your key employees or not mark online training because most companies do not recognize CPR certificates online, so you can do this for your employees at any time without disrupting your work schedule.