Battery technology has made a significant leap in recent years and is allowing electric RC models to go places that a model powered by nitrous could travel. 

The most prominent innovation is Li-Po which is also known as lithium polymer, which has become the primary power source for electric-powered planes, helicopters, and boats, as well as cars and nearly every other kind of model. You can also buy lithium polymer battery pack from various online sources.

Here are some ways to boost the performance of your battery:

1. Break in New Batteries

While not as significant an issue with the newer Li-Po batteries as in the past when NiMh or NiCad batteries were the norms and NiCad batteries were the kings, it is still advised to fully charge the battery prior to the first time you use it. 

2. Clean the pack

It is one of the least understood aspects of battery operation. It is recommended to maintain the cleanliness of the battery pack and this is particularly essential for the dean connectors. 

3. Maintain the battery's health through regular training

If you leave the battery unattended for an extended period of time will reduce its lifespan and diminish its overall capacity. It is recommended to use your battery pack at least every two weeks. 

A fully charged Li-Po pack is able to power 10 minutes of flight. However, flying for 10 minutes in a row on only one pack is not advised.